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SQL To Java Converter (DAO Code Generator)
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SQL To Java Converter (DAO Code Generator) - Generate Java DAO code from SQL. Convert a SQL/DDL statement to Java DAO code. Generated code uses Spring JDBC Template.

CreateTable SQL(DDL Statement).(* Required): It is required.

  Remove Group Name Base Package Name

How It Works:
It first validate the create table SQL statement. It parse the SQL statement and check the sysntax of the SQL statement. While it parse the SQL statement, it collect information about the database entity, its attribute and attributes datatype with data length. Then from entity defination, tool generates the DAO, Service and Bean classes along with properties and DDLs.
Steps to follow:
  1. Enter create table SQL statement in the text box.
  2. Provide the base package of the java classes
  3. Check 'Remove Group Name' check box if you like the trim the group name from the Java class names.

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