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JsonPath is used to refer any element or attribute in a JSON string.JsonPath is used almost every development project code.JsonPath testing is very important for developers. Evaluting a JsonPath or testing a JsonPath is very common requirement. This Jsonpath tester utility has been built up to test a JsonPath or evaluate the value of the JsonPath against a JSON string. Just need to provide the JSON content and JsonPath to test and evaluate a JsonPath.

  • The JsonPath tester supports JSON string with JSON arrays.
  • Quering any JSON using JSONpath
  • It supports JsonPath functions (max(), length(), avg() etc.) and does not restrict to element only.

Click Here To Watch A Demo On It(

JSON:(* Required): It is required.   JsonPath:(* Required only for 'Test JsonPath'): It is required.
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JsonPath Examples:

All of the following examples use this sample JSON code..
1. Select the root element
2. Select the current element
3. Subscript operato
4. recursive descent.
5. Child operator
. or []
6.All objects/elements regardless their names

How It Works:
It first validate the input JSON string and JSONPath. Check the syntax of the JSONpath. Apply the JSONPath on the input JSON string and get the result. . Result is rendered as output in the UI.
  1. JSON Content: Source JSON String.
  2. JSONPath: It's not required to generate the XPaths.

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