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Text File Comparator (Text Diff)
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Text file comparator tool is used to compare two text files and merge them. It can also compare any string content. It's easy to find the difffernces between two files or two set of text strings. It can also be used to compare JSON, XML, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Python, Ruby, Java, C, NodeJS and other format files.
The text comparator supports any text content . Even if your file contains any html or xml tag, it can handle it.It highlights the differences beteen the files and gives the total number of differences..
It is the best text comparator available free in online! It compares fist line by line, then word by word, then character by character. Finally provide the option to merge the files / strings.
Click Here To Watch A Demo On It(

It provides following options to compare.
  1. Removing leading and tailing space of each line and then comparing
  2. Removing empty / blank lines and then comparing
  3. Showing the differences highlighting with different colors.
Steps To Compare Two Text Contents:
  1. Add file 1 content in TextArea 1.
  2. Add file 2 content in TextArea 2.
  3. Check the check box " Trim leading And trailing spaces " checked if you would like to compare without spaces.
  4. Check the check box " Remove Blank Lines And Compare " checked if you would like to compare without ignoring blank / empty lines.
  5. Hit the Compare Text button. It will compare two input text contents and shows the differences with Red, Green and Amber colorF.
After compare you can opt to merge the text contents. It provides bothe option to merge text1 to text2 or vice-versa.
Text1:(* Required): It is required.   Text2:(* Required '): It is required.
Trim Starting And Ending Space Remove Blank Lines And Compare Show only changed lines (added / deleted / modified).
Ignore Case (Case Insensitve) Sort before compare
It compares and shows addition, deletion or modification of text content with following colors:
  1. Addition in "Green" Color
  2. Modification in "Yellow" Color
  3. Deletion in "Red" Color

How It Works:
First it analyze both the text file contents. Check the precoditions before compare. Once preconditions are pased, it compare line by line in both text contents. It cheks for line added, modified or deleted. It can detects any change including the spaces between the words or tokens. Mark the differences with various colors. Red means deleted. Green means added. Blue means modified.
After compare, user can merge both the text content. It allow both side merging. Text1 can be merged with Text2 or vice-versa.
Pre Conditions:
  1. Both text contents needs to be non empty
  2. Text file size needs to be < 100 mb.
Steps To Execute:
  1. Add first text content in the first text area.
  2. Add 2nd text content in the 2nd text area.
  3. Click on the compare Text button
  1. It provides the feature to ignore leading and trailing spaces during comparision.
  2. Removing blank lines and then compare
  3. Allows to merge the contents after compare. It allow both side merging.

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