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XML is used almost every application. Processing xml is very common task and we write code for that.This tool has been built up to generate JAVA code which is required to process XML.. Input is XML and output is java code. It can generate java code which is required to parse a XML document and to generate the XML document. Click Here To Watch A Demo On It

XML.(* Required): It is required. Java Constant(Optional):

XML Template(Optional) |
XML Constant File      XML Util File
API Name      Return Type
Generate Constant Entries Element May Have Content. Generate Method JDK1.8+

Produced java code uses XML Util file. It can be downloaded from below link. It also provides a desktop utility to mask/trim xmls attribute/element values. Please download desktop based xml masking utility to trim/mask xml from below link.
Download utility to mask xml | Download XmlUtil Java File |

How It Works: