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XSLT Code is very frequently used in any Java/J2EE application to transform XML to another XML or HTML This XSLT tool generates XSLT code. Just need to provide source and target XML. It will generate XSLT code to transfor the source xml and produce the target xml.
The XSLT generator supports XML namespace. Declaration of xml name space needs to be done on the root XML element level for both source and target xml.
Click Here To Watch A Demo On It(

Note: Please avoid reference of any dtd. Example : <!DOCTYPE raml SYSTEM 'abc.dtd'>
If you need XSLT to produce JSON, Use XSLT Code For JSON Tool
Source XML:(* Required): It is required:   Target XML:(* Required): It is required.
  Copy selective element and attribute from source XML. Copy every thing except element and attribute present in Target XML.

How It Works:
It first check the correctness of the source and target the input XML. Analyse both source and target XML. Apply code generation algorithim to generate XSLT code. It takes care of namespace if its defined in source or target XML. . Input Parameters are:
  1. Source XML: Source XML (parent XML) which will be transfored to another XML or HTML.
  2. Target XML: Its the desired output XML.
  3. Copy Style: Whether selective element or attribute will be copied or everything will be copied except few elements / attributes
User Comments:
Anthony James(2022-04-16):
Best online free tool what ever I have seen so far. It helped me immensely to meet the QA drop date!!!!
easycodeforall: (2022-04-21)
Thank you so much Anthony!
Sarath: (2022-04-21)
Its a very useful tool!

Jitendra Shah(2022-04-16):
I never thought of this kind of tool will be available online! its a great tool!
easycodeforall: (2022-04-21)
Thanks Jitendra!

Adam Qundos(2022-04-16):
Which technology you are using to generate the XSLT Code? I have seen its generating XSLT code intelligently. Manually which took me one day to write, 90% of that code got generated in 1 min. For one attriute of every element its self declaring a variable which helped me to create another varibles for other attributes to add custom logic.Its amazing!!!!!!!!
easycodeforall(Admin): (2022-04-21)
Thanks for using easycodeforall and sharing your feedback!

The XSLT generated works in online tranformer but fails in applications. Please help. % set ssheet_doc [::dom::libxml2::parse $sd]
{parser fatal attribute-not-started {} 1 {AttValue: " or ' expected
} 0 41} {parser fatal space-required {} 1 {attributes construct error
} 0 41} {namespace error undefined-namespace {} 1 {Namespace prefix xsl on stylesheet is not defined
} 0 41 xsl stylesheet} {parser fatal greater-than-character-required {} 1 {Couldn't find end of Start Tag stylesheet
} 0 41 stylesheet}


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