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An utility for formatting SQL query.

It formats any SQL query (DDL and DML statements). It takes SQL query as input and produce a formatted SQL query which is to read and understand. It has following featurs.
  • Supports any DDL(INSERT, UPDATE and DELET) and DML (Create, Drop, Alter) statements
  • It supports standard SQL as well as multiple database native SQLs(e.g. Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL,DB2, PostgreSQL, PL/SQL, RedShift )
  • It can convert the SQL keywords to upper or lower cases based on user choice
  • Supports multiple indentation level
  • Provides options for multiple "lines between queries"
There is a default value assigned for every options.
SQL String:(* Required): It is required. | Watch A Demo
Database : Indentation : Lines Between Two Queries: Result In UpperCase
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