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JSON Comparator (JSON Diff)
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JSON Comparator is used to compare two JSON files. This utility has been built up to compare two JSON Strings / Files. Just need to provide the JSON contents, it will compare and find out the differences.
The JSON comparator supports Any JSON content fully. JSON Comparator do compare two JSON Strings and find out the diff in JSON data. Show the difference highligting with different color for addition, deletion and modification. It quickly show the difference in your JSON data..

Its not a text compare. It mainly compare elements and attributes from both the JSONs.
Click Here To Watch A Demo On It(

It provides following options to compare.
  1. Sorting and comparing
  2. Comparing JSON ignoring comments
  3. Comparing JSON ignoring element and attribute values from both the JSONs. It is JSON structure comparasion.
JSON1:(* Required): It is required.   JSON2:(* Required only for 'Test XPath'): It is required.
Remove Comments Sort JSON Before Compare Compare Ignoring JSON Data Values
Show Changed Values Only Show Only Summary Of Changes
JSON Examples:

All of the examples use the following sample JSON code.

How It Works:
First format the both input JSON Strings/file contents. Then it generates the JSON path for both the soruce and target JSON strings. Compare the JSON strings by JSON path and their values. It identifies what are the JSON path added, deleted and modified. Finally it repors highlighting the added, modified and deleted JSON paths and their values.
. Input Parameters are:
  1. JSON1: Content of the JSON file1/string1.
  2. JSON2: Content of the JSON String2/ file2.
  3. Remove Tailing and Leading Spaces: If its checked, it trim every JSON Path value before compare
  4. Remove Empty Line: If it is checked, blank lines are ignored during file comparison.
  5. Show the differences highlighting with multiple color. Summarize added, modified and deleted JSON paths and their values

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