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IBM Sterling Commerce Interview Question And Answer For Novice User
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IBM Sterling Commerce interview question and answer related to OMS implementation For Novice Users. . .

This page lists down the common interview question and answers on OMS implementation for novice users. This questiuons are very rudimentary and normally asked when interview taken for 6 months experience resource.
Questions and Answers:

1). Have you done Database extions.? Have you done it?

2). How many thgype of database extion is possible.

3). How to insert data(record) in hang-off table?

4). How to insert data in custom table?

5). How to insert value in custom column?

6). How to retrieve data(record) in hang-off table?

7). How to retrieve data in custom table?

8). How to retrieve value in custom column?

9). How to create an index

10). How to create a Service (Extended API based service)?

11). What are the configuration and code you need do to create the Extended API based service?

12). How to deploy and test your service ?

13). How to invoke a service from an event. suppose you want to invoke your service

14). What is condition?

15). What is action?

16). What is Hubrule?

17). Does order or orderline flow the pipeline?

18). What is connector?

19). What is fulfillment Type?

20). What is LineType

21). what is drop status?

22). what is pickup status?

23). what is abstract transaction?

24). what is custom transaction?

25). What is event?

26). What is user exit?

27). Difference between event and userexit

28). What is agent server?

29). What is integration server?

30). What how to start an agent server?

31). How to start an integration server?

32). How to trigger an agent? Why trigger agent is required?

33). What is sourcing rule?

34). What is scheduling rule?

35). Can an organization play the role of an seller and enterprise?

36). What is shipnode?

37). What is legal entity?

38). What is Transaction Object (Not. Transaction)? Have you used it

39). What is multiApi. Have you used it. What's the advantages of it?

40). What is Transaction Object (Not. Transaction)? Have you used it

41). Have you done alert monitoring?

42). Have you done exception monitoring

43). What is Re-Authorization

44). What is order reservation. How your reserved quantity is used when you carete the order

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