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XML To POJO / Java Bean Converter:
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Generates Java bean classes(POJO) from XML. Take XML string as input and produces POJO ( java bean classes).
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XML.(* Required): It is required.
Remove Namespace if present

How It Works:
It works based on the input XML. Check the validate the input XML content and analyse it. Findout entity and attribute names from the element and attribute name of the input xml. Generate Java classess and instance variables from entity defination. public setter and getter methods for all the instance variables are also generate for each bean class. Override the the toString() method also. classes.
. Parameters are:
  1. XML : Source XML content.
  2. Base Package Name: Java class base package name.
  3. Sub Package Name: Java class sub package name
  4. Wrap class name: Wrapper class name
  5. JAXB Annotation: 'Y' if its checked
Steps To Use Converter:
  1. Copy your XML string inside the first text box (XML:)
  2. Enter base package name. e.g. bean
  3. Check the the check-box if you would like to add JAXB annotation in the Java class
  4. Enter Sub Package Name.
  5. Enter Wrapper class name.

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