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How to connect GitHub from GitHub Desktop(windows client) or any other client
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Connecting GitHub from any client (e.g. GitHub Desktop) is easy and It can be done it two ways..

This page tells you how to connect GitHub from GitHub Desktop client on windows m/c and clone a repository
To do checkin or checkout code form/to GitHub, you need to connect to GitHub server from any of the client application (e.g. GitHub Desktop).
There are two ways to connect the GitHub server from any client application or any progams.
  1. Using UserId and your corporate network password
  2. Using UserId and your personal access token (PAT)
Here we will discuss how to generate personal access token (PAT) and how to connect to GitHub server using PAT and cloning a repository.
Please follow the following steps.

1. Login to your corporate github application. e.g. using your corporate userid and password.
If you do not have any account in , please ask to add your name of register yourself.

Once you login please check your GitHub edition. Whether its Enterprise GitHub or Plain GitHub as shown below. Note it down

Check GitHub Edition.

2. Generate Pesonal Access Token (PAT).
Navigate to : Settings ->Developers Setting -> Personal Access Token .
Click on 'Generate New Token' Link Path to personal access token link

Select all the checkboxes based on your need and then click on 'Generate Token Button'

Generate Personal Access Token
3. Copy Token and Save in personal file. Token will be used to access GitHub and clone repository or create new repository.

Copy Personal Access Token (PAT)
4. Create a new repository with any name (e.g. PipelineProj)

If you have already a repository, no need to create a new repository. Just copy the repository URL from browser address bar.
Create Repository

5. Copy repository URL from address bar.

Repository URL

6. Clone a Repository.
Open/ launch GitHub Desktop in your local laptop. Navigate to File -> Clone Repository
Paste Repository URL. Click on the Clone button
Clone Repository

7. Provide Userid and Personal Access Token as password for authentication .
Userid and PAT
Click on Save and Retry

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