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IBM Sterling Commerce Training Task
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IBM Sterling Commerce training tasks related to OMS implementation. . .

This page is a Sterling Commerce Training Page. If you follow the steps and do the exrcise, you will be able to learn Sterling Commerce Implementation.
Main objective of this page is to guide and help a new comer to learn IBM Sterling OMS.Just follow the steps and do the exercise given here. You will learn IBM Sterling Commerce.
Note: Its assumed that you already know the installation of Steerling Commerce and you have access to a sterling oms instance.

Assume you are implementing Sterling OMS for a furniture retailer. Create 3 furniture Items in the following 3 way.
  • Sofa - Through Application Manager.
  • Table - Through SBC :
  • Chair - Invoking mangeItem api using api tester.

Create 3 orders( one draft order and 2 confirm order) for above furniture items.
  • Sofa - Create Order Using web console.
  • Table - Create order invoking createOrder api from apitester. :
  • Chair - Create order from call center UI.

Search above 3 orders( one draft order and 2 confirm order) and view the details.
  • Sofa - Search draft Order Using web console and view the details.
  • Table - Search the confirm order in web console. :
  • Chair - search confirm order in call center UI and view the details.
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