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Both JSON are being used almost every application. We need to extract text content from JSON string. and use them in other application or preparing in a document. This Json to Text Converter tool converts JSON to Text string. It can be directly used online free. No need to download it. It has implemented to by custom algorithim in JAVA. Takes JSON as input and produce text string.
It does the following things:

  • Sort the JSON String Before Extracting The text values.
  • List down all the text content sequencially.

JSON String.(* Required): It is required.
Sort JSON String Before Convert
Add Attribute Name In the Result

How It Works:
First format the input JSON Strings/file contents. Then it parse the json string and extract each attribute value. . If there is no value, just it ignore the corresponding attribute. Extracted all attribute values are concatenated in a string and shown as result. .
. Input Parameters are:
  1. JSON String: Content of the JSON file1/string1.
  2. Sort JSON String Before Parsing.- Select this checkbox to sort the JSON before conversion.
  3. Click on the button 'Convert JSON to Text'

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