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Sort JSON Albhatecally Online
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An online tool to sort JSON string / file alphabetically. It's very easy. Just need to provide the JSON string content.Sort the JSON content alphabetically without disturbing the JSON structure. It just change the postion of the element at the same level. It sort the JSON String considering JSON object and its value. It format the output also after the sorting.
Click Here To Watch A Demo On It(

JSON:(* Required): It is required. | Watch A Demo

How It Works:
First format the JSON string contents. Then it parse the JSON string and change the position of the JSON elements and attributes based on the alphabetical value of the JSON objects. Does sorting undisturbing the JSON structure and level. Just re-arrange the position of the JSON elements and attributes alphabetically at the same level.
Input Parameters are:
  1. Text1: Content of the JSON String.
  2. Format the output: If its checked, it format the output after sorting every line before compare
  3. Remove Empty Lines

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