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How To Do IBM Sterling Order Hub Customization.
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This page demonstrate How To Customize Order Hub Application ..

1. Introduction:

Customization of Sterling Commerce Application is difficult task. This steps help you on customize orderhub application.
Following product documentation is for reference.
Sterling Webstore is being all most all store to do the store operation by store user and store mamager. There is very good demand of sterling resources who konows store ui customization.
In this page we will discuss how to do setup for store ui customization and how the do the store ui customization.
Mainly we will go-through following types of store ui customization.
  • Adding a a label (static text) in the product screen /page
  • Adding a level and showing value from api output. Example- We will be showing OrderKey value alogng with order number.
  • We will add new link.
  • we will create a new screen.
  • we control some of the resources through permission.

2. Order Hub Customization

Onece you finish the order hub installation, you customize the order hub application.
There are two type of customuization:
  1. Type 1: crate custom menu and custom page / screen.
  2. Type 2: Customize existing pages that are order hub application.
    Order Hub supports 3 levels of customization when it comes to adding functionality to existing pages:
    1. Customization by configuration
    2. Differential customization
    3. Customization by overrides

2.1 PreRequiste Software / Setup

  • Docker Installation : It is done as part of Sterling and order hub installation
  • Install Node.js -:
    Execute following commands to download and install nodejs.
    if you get "bash: wget: command not found" error, install wget running "yum install wget"
    unzip it
    tar --strip-components 1 -xzvf node-v* -C /usr/local
    Check Node Installated Version. /usr/local/bin/node -v
  • Install Yarn. Command:-
  • Install Angular CLI globally : Command : npm install -g @angular/cli@13.3.9
  • Configure the hosts file:- Configure the hosts file to map bucgenerichost to localhost. You need the mapping to allow Order Hub to connect to your local development environment.
    Open the hosts file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts localhost bucgenerichost
  • Update the file to set ORDERHUB_MODE=omoc
  • Start Docker. Command : sudo service docker start
  • Run the following command to extract the source code to your local workstation. Use the source code to customize Order Hub.:
    Command: - ./ extract-orderhub-code <version>
    Valid values for version are oms or omoc.
    The source code is available on your local workstation at devtoolkit_docker/orderhub-code.

2.1 Creating new applications (Type 1)

Try to login to webstore (url: https://ip or hotname:9443/wsc/store/ url) with userid=admin and password.
You will get the error message " User is not assdigned to store".
Please use the following steps to do the setup and customization for Web store UI

2.1 Creating new applications
Use IBM-provided Angular schematics to generate a brand new application to access the application from orderhub.
An Angular monorepo A basic Angular repository.
2.1.1 Creating an Order Hub monorepo
  1. Ensure that you have extracted the Order Hub code. Code should be in orderhub-code (e.g. /oms/devtoolkit_docker/orderhub-code ) folder
  2. Go to devtoolkit_docker/orderhub-code foder. (command: cd /oms/devtoolkit_docker/orderhub-code)
  3. Run the command : npm config set "strict-ssl" false .If you get "bash: npm: command not found" error, then Install npm. (
  4. un Install and reinstallschematics: Command To Uninstall: npm uninstall -g @buc/schematics
    Command to reinstall: npm install -g ./lib/buc/schematics/schematics-v2latest.tgz
  5. Create a folder custom-monorepo. Coomand : mkdir custom-monorepo ; Give perimission. chmod 777 custom-monorepo
    path should look like /oms/devtoolkit_docker/orderhub-code/custom-monorepo
  6. Go to folder /oms/devtoolkit_docker/orderhub-code/custom-monorepo. Command cd /oms/devtoolkit_docker/orderhub-code/custom-monorepo .
  7. Create a file app-config.json. add the following content
      "name": "custom-monorepo",
      "devServerConfig": {
          "port": 9300,
          "contextRoot": "/custom-monorepo"
      "prodServerConfig": {
          "hostName": ""
      "routes": {
          "custom-page1": {
              "devServerConfig": {
                  "port": 9301,
                  "contextRoot": "/custom-page1"
          "custom-page2": {
              "devServerConfig": {
                  "port": 9302,
                  "contextRoot": "/custom-page2"
  8. Check ng version. Command: ng version . If you get the error "bash: ng: command not found", install ng.
    Steps to install ng:
    		1. npm install -g @angular/cli@latest
    		2. alias ng="/usr/local/lib/node_modules/\@angular/cli/bin/ng.js"
    		3. ng version
  9. Install yarn: command: npm install -g yarn
  10. 196 Install angular-cli globally using command (npm install -g angular-cli)
  11. commands:
    		npm uninstall -g angular-cli
    npm uninstall -g @angular/cli
    npm cache clean
    npm install -g @angular/cli@latest
    alias ng="/usr/local/lib/node_modules/@angular/cli/bin/ng.js"
  12. Go to /oms/devtoolkit_docker/orderhub-code/custom-monorepo
  13. Open a new terminal windiw
  14. Run following command.
    	ng new --collection=@buc/schematics  --app-config-json=app-config.json --module-short-name=monorepo  --prefix=monorepo --mode=on-prem
  15. 	[root@ip-172-26-8-124 custom-monorepo]# ng new --collection=@buc/schematics  --app-config-json=app-config.json   --module-short-name=monorepo  --prefix=monorepo --mode=on-prem
    Workspace extension with invalid name (defaultProject) found.
    Error: This command is not available when running the Angular CLI inside a workspace.
    [root@ip-172-26-8-124 custom-monorepo]# ls
  16. Remove the line ,"defaultProject": "monorepo-shared"/li>
. For more information, see Getting started with customizing Order Hub.

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