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XML Comparator is used to compare two XML files. This utility has been built up to compare two XML documents. Just need to provide the XML contents, it will compare and find out the differences.
The XPath comparator supports XML namespaces fully. The declarations of XML namespace does not need to be explicit or on the root XML element. It support xml name space defined anywhere in the document. It supports default namespace also.
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XML1:(* Required): It is required.   XML2:(* Required only for 'Test XPath'): It is required.
Remove Comments Sort XML Before Compare
XPath Examples:

All of the following examples use this sample XML code.
1. Select the document node
2. Select the 'root' element
3. Select 'Book' element.
4. Select all 'Extn' elements regardless of their positions in the document.
5. Select the 'PublisherCode' attributes of the 'Book' elements .
6. Select the textual value of first 'Price' element.