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Best online free tools for java/j2ee development projects!
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Best online free tools for java/j2ee development projects.

What are the best free online tools for any Java/J2EE development projects?
There are many tools in the market for faster development. But having the right one is the most important for your project.
Top 10 free online tools for Java/J2EE is listed here.
  1. REST Service Code Generator : It is the most time saving free online tool if you are planning to develop REST Service/API with springboot or spring MVC. It generate end to end java code complient with springboot and Spirng MVC starting from controller, servicess, DAO and bean classes. It generates SQL files also to create database tables and indexes
  2. XSLT Code Generator : If your project uses XSLT to transforms XMLs, you can make use of XSLT code generator. No need to write the XSLT code. Just provide your source and target xml and get your XSLT code in a button click.
  3. Java Bean Code Generator : Java beans are used every Java/J2EE development project. No need to write the java bean classes anymore. Just generate the java bean classes from XML or JSON string.
  4. XML Parsing Code Generator(code robo) : if you need to read data from XML (xml parsing) or you need to product xml, you can think of generating the java code which will read data from XML or which will create a XML file/document, this is the best tool in the market. Just provide a sample XML and get the java code generated. .
  5. XPath Generator and Tester: if you use XPath in your application to read or write data from or to XML, this is best and intuitive online free tool which can ease your work. It will generate all the XPath for all elements and attributes. Or to just test/evaluate a XPath, quickly XPath tester is the best. Simply provide the XPath and a sample XML
  6. XML Generator From XSD: If your application integrates with other application, most likely you will exchange data in form of a XML. and application provider will share you a XSD (interface agreement). Most of the time you need to generate sample XML from the XSD. This is the best tool to convert XSD to sample XML. It supports all types of XSD
  7. XSD Generator From XML: If your application integrates with other application and you are the service provider, most likely you will send data in form of a XML to other application. Consumer will ask you for a XSD. If you need to generate XSD for XML to share with your consumer, this is the best tool to generate XSD.
  8. Javadoc comment Generator: In our java/j2ee project we write lot of java classes and methods. Most of the time we could not put the javadoc comment because of work pressure. In this situation Javadoc Comment Generator will help you in a great extent. It generate Javadoc comment for classes and all methods.
  9. Replace Hardcoded String : In our java class we hardcode string literals which sometime bring complience issue. To replace hardcoded string literals by a constant decleared in a constant file, this online tool will be very useful.
  10. Mapping excel file generator(Interface agreement document) : When we share data with other applications, we need to have interface agreement document. Interface agreement document could be a excel sheet or or coluld be a XSD. If its a excel document, we can generate it using this tool. Just provide the sample XML which we will be sharing.

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