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Base64 To Image Converter
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Base64 To Image Converter tool is used to convert a base64 string to Image and showing it in web page It can produce JPEG, PNG GIF, TIF, BMP, ICO, WebP, SVG image formats. Image will be available for download alsoIt uses java library to decode Base64 input string and convert it into an image
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Base64 String:(* Required): It is required.

Image Format:

How It Works:
First it analyze base64 input string content. Check the corectness of the base64 string. Decode the base64 string to byte arry and image buffer. Once found the correct image format, it convert it to image with crorrect file extension. It can check whether input string is a base64 string or not. But it will not be able to validate whether it belongs to a supported image type or not before converting it. So it will try to convert the input the base64 string to image forcefully. Therefore you make sure input string belongs to image. It it can not convert to a image, it will show the exact error message.
Pre Conditions:
  1. Input string needs to be a valid base64 string
  2. User selected image type should be in the supported image type list.
  3. Base64 input string size needs to be less than 200mb
Steps To Execute:
  1. Add base64 string content in the first text area.
  2. Select the image type from the drop-down list.
  3. Click on the Convert To Image button