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REST API/Service is very commmon in any Java/J2EE application. Its an era of microservices. Almost every functionality is being implemented as microservice. We write lot of code to build a REST API/services. Now entire end to end code (controller, service, DAO, bean, helper classes and property & Spring bean configuration files) can be generated using this tool. Generated code works with Spring Framework. Java 13 is required to run the generated code.It generates end to end REST API code from JSON. JSON string is the input entire service code and configuration files are the output.As of now it generates create, update, get and list API/services. It can also gednerate onluy controller and bean classes if user does not want the service and dao classes.Generated code fit with Spring boot and Spring MVC. Generated code can be run directly and invoked from any REST client application. Click Here To Watch A Demo On It

1. Generate Create API (End To End)
2. Generate Update API(End To End)
3. Generate List API(End To End)
4. Generate GEt API(End To End)
5. Generate Controller And Bean Classes Of REST API

How It Works: