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An utility to help XML processing. Just need to provide the XML content.

It supports:
  • Convert multi line XML string to single line XML string /li>
  • Convert a XML to entity XML
  • Convert a XML to empty XML
  • Remove all attribute and convert it to a element xml only
  • Convert entiy XML to normal XML.
  • Check welformedness of the XML String .
  • Convert a XML to represent by a java variable
  • Format a XML String
  • XML sorting. It sorts both elements and attributes.
  • Remove all attribute and elements values to convert to empty xml.
  • Remove comments from XML.
  • Remove namespace from XML.
  • Convert a XML to javadoc comment.
  • Remove specific attributes and elements from XML
XML:(* Required): It is required.
Sort Attributes(Applicable Only For Sort XML option)
Remove Only This Specific Elements Remove Only This Attribute     
(Please add attribute / element name ';' seperated )

How It Works:
First it check its correctness of the input XML document. If its a valid XML, it converts it into single line String. Then parse the string to based on the user input. If XML us not wedllformed it thorws exception.
Pre Conditions:
  1. XML needs to be a valid(welformed) xml
Steps To Execute:
  1. Add XML content in the text area.
  2. Select Sort Output check box if you want sort the output alphabetically .
  3. Click on any of the button based on your requirement

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