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An utility to help XML processing. Just need to provide the XML content.
Click Here To Watch A Demo On It(

It supports:
  • Convert multi line XML string to single line XML string /li>
  • Convert a XML to entity XML
  • Convert a XML to empty XML
  • Remove all attribute and convert it to a element xml only
  • Convert entiy XML to normal XML.
  • Check welformedness of the XML String .
  • Convert a XML to represent by a java variable
  • Format a XML String
  • XML sorting. It sorts both elements and attributes.
  • Remove all attribute and elements values to convert to empty xml.
  • Remove comments from XML.
  • Remove namespace from XML.
  • Convert a XML to javadoc comment.
  • Remove specific attributes and elements from XML
XML:(* Required): It is required.
Sort Attributes(Applicable Only For Sort XML option)
Remove Only This Specific Elements Remove Only This Attribute     
(Please add attribute / element name ';' seperated )

How It Works:
User Comments:
Priyanka Sharma(2022-04-16):
Thak you for putting such useful utilities online!!! One request, Can you please add one more utility to merge two xml documents. It should be intelligent enough to merge the documents correctly based on elemets postition in the document.
easycodeforall: (2022-04-21)
Thanks for your feedback and using XML Utility! We will try to add to merge two XML documents.

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