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XML Comparator is used to compare and merge two XML files online and its free! This tool has been built up to compare two XML documents considering each element and attribute values. Just need to provide the XML contents, it will compare and find out the differences.
The XML comparator supports XML namespaces fully. The declarations of XML namespace need to be explicit and on the root XML element level.if xml name space defined in other elements, it copied the namespace decleration at the root level and then compare in the documents.It supports default namespace also.

Its not a text compare. It mainly compare elements and attributes from both the XMLs.
Click Here To Watch A Demo On It(

Using this tool you can do the following.
  1. Compare two XML files
  2. Merge two XML Files
  3. Summary of changes. Mainly the XPaths which got changed.
  4. Show the differences with color code. Which help you to visualize the difference easily
It provides following options to compare.
  1. Sorting and comparing
  2. Comparing XML ignoring comments
  3. Comparing XML ignoring element and attribute values from both the XMLs. It is XML structure comparasion.
XML1:(* Required): It is required.   XML2:(* Required only for 'Test XPath'): It is required.
Remove Comments Sort XML Before Compare Compare Ignoring Element And Attribute Values
Ignore This Specific Elements    Ignore This Specific Attribute
(Please add attribute / element name ';' separated )
Ignore above specific values only    Ignore Specific entire elements / attributes
Show Changed Values Only Show Only Summary Of Changes

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